Buena High School Army JROTC
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Welcome to the Buena High School Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps website! This website contains all useful information about the battalion, as well as a battalion calendar and pictures of important events.

The following people have passed the fall NCO Academy:

Volgende, W
Mallet, J
Kidd, O
Watson, C
Mussen, A
Akers, K
Scott, K
Barlolong, K
Ramirez, J
Mueller, C
Mason, J
Dunn, J
Presnall, S
Schutt, E
Brady, C
Freeman, A
Venuti, L
Thompson, J

Byanka Padilla, Battalion Commander of the Fighting Colt Battalion from 2014-2015, was diagnosed with Chondrosarcoma of the fifth right rib in March of 2016. The cancer afflicting our former commander is currently in the third stage with three tumors on the afflicted rib. Due to her current financial situation, Padilla is unable to pay for medical insurance, and as an extension, the treatment necessary to stop Chondrosarcoma. We ask you to support the Buena Fighting Colts Battalion in raising money to support the costs of Byanka's treatment. Every contribution is greatly appreciated, by the battalion and Padilla herself. If there are any questions, they should be directed to Sergeant First Class, Retired, Fausto Valenzuela at Fausto.Valenzuela@svps.k12.az.us or 520-234-2403. 

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Down below are pictures from a variety of events that JROTC has held thus far in the 2017-2018 School Year.