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Chain of Command

 President of the United States - The Honorable Joseph R. Biden

Biography of President Joseph Biden for Kids
Secretary of Defense - Lloyd J. Austin II 

Secretary of the Army - John E. Whitley 

Army Chief of Staff - James C. McConville 

Sergeant Major of The Army - SMA  Miachel A. Grinston 

TRADOC Commander - GEN Paul E. Funk 

TRADOC Command Sergeant Major - CSM Daniel Hendrex

Cadet Command Commander - BG John R. Evans Jr.
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Cadet Command Sergeant Major - Jerimiah E. Gan

5th Brigade Commander - COL Mark A. Olsen

5th Brigade Command Sergeant Major - CSM George B. Bunn

Buena High School Principal - Mrs. Hale

Buena High School CTE Director - Ms. Wesley Wood

Buena JROTC Senior Army Instructor - (Retired) CW4 Victor Leon

Buena JROTC Battalion Commander - C/LTC Anastasia Obal 

Buena JROTC Alpha Company Commander - C/CPT Monbleau

Buena JROTC Bravo Company Commander - C/CPT Mueller

Buena JROTC Charlie Company Commander - C/CPT Mitter

Buena JROTC Delta Company Commander - C/CPT Nix

Buena JROTC Echo Company Commander - C/CPT King